So You Want to be a better blogger?

cropped-trip-020.jpgSo, one of the things I really want to do over the summer is to blog.  I’ve been wanting to blog regularly for some time now, but circumstances just seem to pile up that prevent me from doing it.  Circumstances?  Well maybe excuses…

So I’ve decided to make a much more concerted effort to be a better blogger this “off-season”.  One circumstance, err excuse is that I can never think of anything to write about.  It truly is amazing that at 3 AM ideas swirl through my head like wind on a summer day, but when I sit down at the computer nothing, zilch, zip, nada!  So let me start by asking a question.  What do you do to keep the topics fresh, interesting, and free-flowing?  Do you have a method to your madness or do the ideas just flow like a cold water stream through the Rocky Mountains?

One of the reasons I struggle with blogging is because I am kind of a perfectionist.  Well at least in my own mind.  I like to add a little research and data to my writing, just to spice things up a little or to make the blog worth your while.  That being said, what does the research say about blogging topics?

Well it turns out, research says a lot about it.  Like this from Entrepreneurs-Journey: “Sometimes no amount of research, self-reflection, internal or external analysis will give you an answer. Only the MARKET can give you a definite result. You have to set a blog up and just start writing and see what happens”.   So just start write?  Yea…right…that helps.  If I could sit down and “just write” I would not have this issue…right?  While that doesn’t help much, it does make me feel better about my plight.  I, for sure, am not the only one struggling with this.

As I researched further, one thing seemed to be consistent…narrow your topic down to something you are passionate about.  Maintaining a narrow focus allows the writer (me) to write about something that is interesting to them me), it helps them (me) to provided wisdom and input in a more focused way.  It also allows the writer to gain an audience that shares similar interests.

So why do bloggers need an audience?  After all, my first ten or so blogs were read by a very select few.  I would have it no other way.  As I move forward, I do think that it would be nice to preach to someone other than just the choir.    Having an audience is motivating, invigorating and well…fun!  That is all I really need, a little push!

All right, so now that we have this refocusing blog out of the way, I want to make a few promises to you my ever growing audience.  I promise to do my best…after all that’s all I can do!

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