Tick Tock…Hit it Mick!

zvcdToday I wanted to talk a little about time.  As Mick so eloquently put it, time is not on my side.  Or at least I think that’s what he meant.  Well maybe in his case time has stood still…but in the real world time is not on our side.  Time slips by never slowing, never pausing, and never ending.  No matter what we do it never seems to be there when we need it.

For me, as I sit here in my classroom, waiting for time to run its course until the next big life event, I ponder the age old question “where did the time go?”  Every year, about this time, I reflect on what I have accomplished, what got done and what went undone.  Coding, Mystery Skypes, more Virtual Field Trips, and a better writing plan are some things that father time would not allow.  Sure, I can usher out the book of excuses and tell you why these things (and many others) did not get done, but excuses are just that EXCUSES!

But, as my growth mindset whispers in my ear, there is always a positive side. As far as professional development goes, I had a pretty good year.  I am now more confident gathering and using data, my classroom management technics have improved, and I tried some really cool/new things that help me improve professionally.  Then of course there is the irreplaceable time spent with my kids, my students, my confidants, my alter ego(s), my little buddies.  Sure many things went by the way-side this year, and many things will go the same way next year.  I wouldn’t trade it for all the time in the world…that time I spent with this group of kids (and every group before that) is, was, and shall be irreplaceable!  So, that being said, maybe time truly was on my side!


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