Collaboration…It’s a Beautiful Thing!

As I reflect on the past year, I begin to set goals for the year ahead.  I separate my goals into two categories; short term and long term goals.  One area where I feel I need to 1make changes in is my collaboration.   There is absolutely no excuse NOT to collaborate. All the tools are readily available for my use.   So why is it a weakness?

Several reasons affect my personal ability to collaborate…none of them good.  First, and perhaps the most difficult to resolve is my ego.  I love to create “fun” lessons for my students.  These lessons, in my opinion, are the most incredible lessons…that is until I try and conduct them.  You see in my eyes; these lessons are amazing.  However, if I would have taken the time to run them past a colleague, I would have seen the holes that existed.  My teammates and PLN often have their own amazing ideas and are very willing to share.

There are times, as they say, I cannot see the forest for the trees.  Becoming a better teammate will be my number one focus over the summer. Research tells me, that if I am to become a better teacher, I m
ust learn to collaborate better.  In a study of more than 1,200 kindergarten through fifth grade teachers in New York City Leana and her co-workers found the following.



I have already begun the process.  I am working hard on keeping up with m blog.  I am also participating in more twitter chats and increasing the number of awesome teachers I follow.  I also intend on becoming a better teammate, regularly meeting with my colleagues to better improve my skills.  There is no time like the present…


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